Hey everyone, so… Family?

Family to me is the people in your life that actually want you in theirs, the people in your life that support you in the things you choose to do, the people in your life who love you, respect you, and who you can depend on and most importantly it’s the people in your life who are always there no matter what!

I personally can count my close family on one hand, and I can probably even count the rest of my family on two but do you know what, I think the quantity of people you have in your life is completely irrelevant when the qualities of the few people that you do have are second to none.

My Mum is a pretty good example to be honest. In 22 years, she has got married to my Dad, bought a house, had two kids and started her own business (in which she is the best at). The only family members who chose to stand by her through it all, supporting her every single step of the way other than my Dad, were her two Nanna’s. Mind you, having her two Nanna’s in her life really did make up for the rest of the family as they truly are one of a kind especially because they have also played a huge part in my life, and I am so fortunate to be able to call them my Nanna’s too.

I do not have my Nanna Violet in my life anymore as she sadly passed away 7 years ago and I have not seen my other Nanna in over 4 years, due to a few personal issues I have had going on (don’t worry I am planning to do a post about this very soon). It will still never change the fact that they were the only two people besides my Mum and Dad of course, who actually went above and beyond to ensure me and my Brother had the very best start in life. I remember my Mum telling me that it was my Nanna Violet who always said “I am giving them what the others haven’t” if this isn’t a prime example of quality over quantity, I don’t know what is…

Me, my Mum, my Dad and my Brother are all really close as a family, and I do think part of the reason why we are so close is because my Mum and Dad have been happily married for 20 years and the love they share only continues to grow stronger, making us as a family even stronger. I mean, I could have a thousand ‘family members’ suddenly decide to try and walk into my life but not one of them would come even remotely close to my Mum and Dad, they have been everything I need and more and I really don’t know what I would do without them.

I have other family members, who I have not actually seen for as long as I can remember, make the effort to stay in contact and despite not seeing them for such a long period of time they still manage to reach out in other ways to show their love and support and for that, I am more than grateful.

I am 19, not far off 20 years old, and I am more than content with the family I have around me. I know that if people really want to be in your life, they will make an effort to do so, and if they don’t, it’s their loss, it is as simple as that!

Malise xx

Mother’s Day

Hey everyone, with it being Mother’s Day today I thought I would do a post, solely for the most important people to me on this day!

So, most importantly Happy Mother’s Day to my Mum, or my twin as she likes to say… I am so grateful for all that you do, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to; shop for, style, borrow clothes off and occasionally wind up. You continue to show your love and support always and I can’t thank you enough! Lots of love always.❤️

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to both of my Nanna’s, Joyce and Violet, who did nothing but spoil me when I was younger… I have had so many good memories with them and they were there all throughout my life growing up, no matter what, even when I dyed their hair multi-colours when they came to babysit!❤️

Malise xx