Chester Ward

After a horrible experience at my previous hospital, the moment I arrived at Chester ward, in my pajamas covered in blood, wet hair and no shoes, I was greeted in such a friendly and genuine manner by the staff on shift.

3 months later and after a lot of up and downs (mainly downs), numerous restraints, IMS, and medication, with staffs never-ending support, I’ve managed to have 4 days incident free. 4 full days without hurting myself. I know it won’t always be the case as everyone has blips and down days, which I am still having but, I’ve got to remember that it’s normal to have the odd bad day.

Staff have been absolutely amazing with me especially the last few days, they’ve helped fight and get through any urges I’m having. I’ve broke down numerous time’s because it is so hard and I get mad at myself when i’m struggling because I hate disappointing people. I know i shouldn’t feel like that and as the staff say, I should give myself more credit as i’ve gone from having 13 incidents a day to just 1 or 2. But, I don’t because I put too much pressure on myself most of the time.

I have just got to find a way of dealing with the strong thoughts and urges when they arise.

I am trying…

Malise xx

2 thoughts on “Chester Ward

  1. You are doing absolutely amazing Malise and we are so proud of you. There is bound to be blips along the way so please do not beat yourself up about them, everyone understands. Keep your chin up and keep fighting and you will get there. We are with you every step of the way and we love you lots love Mum, Dad & Mace ❤😘xxxx

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  2. Wow Malise that’s amazing you should be very proud of yourself that’s such an achievement
    Yes your bound to have the odd blip and down days which you shouldn’t really punish yourself for you’ve come so far
    We are all proud of you your friends and family we are all still here to support you the best way we can and help you get better
    Hopefully when your better and you can come home we are going to have a party and celebrate but for now sending lots of love and hugs and support we think of you daily and I talk to your mum and ask about you all the time so stay strong xx

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