Update from Malise’s Mum…

Hi everyone, this is Malise’s Mum, and I am writing this on behalf of Malise as her mental health has taken a very unexpected and scary turn for the worse.

Malise is finding it extremely difficult to function properly and is even finding the simplest everyday tasks very distressing.

I do not know when, or if Malise will be able to write a post for her blog again as just the thought of her doing so at the moment causes her so much emotional stress, which she definitely does not need. However, I do hope, and so does Malise, that she will be able to continue doing so in the near future, when she is feeling better.

Malise wants you all to know that she is sorry that she has not felt comfortable enough to reach out to any of you. She has also been worrying that you all might think that she does not care, or that she is being ignorant, which is obviously not the case.

I feel I have had to write this in order to help Malise with her road to recovery. She is really struggling but is now in the process of getting the help she needs, for which I am very proud of her.

I completely understand that those of you who genuinely care about Malise, may want to try and reach out to her to show your love and support, which to be honest is not a bad idea, as she is feeling very alone at the minute and like no one cares. However, although she may read your messages, please do not expect her to reply as she will not be able to do so as it gets too distressing for her.

Thank you