Hey everyone… it’s been a while but I’m back with a quick post!

So yeah I turned 18 last week (5th October) which is definitely a huge milestone for me, more in the sense that I’m blessed to have actually got through everything that has been thrown at me and made it this far! I can say I honestly wasn’t really that excited for my birthday, as I’m not really in the place in the my life that I wanted to be in right now but like always, I ended up having a fab time…

Thanks to my mum, dad and brother of course, it’s safe to say I was truly spoilt, (which I’m beyond grateful for) even though I didn’t ask for anything, they always manage to pull it out the bag and make it a good one! (Even if I did get woken up far to early). I came downstairs to a overly decorated house, presents, cards, chocolate cake and of course… my mum singing happy birthday and to top it all of we ended the day with a huge takeaway!

I’d like to say a BIG thank you to my family and friends for the amazing cards and presents and most of all, for the effort that was made to make it a special day for me! Also thank you to everyone else, who actually took the time to wish me a happy birthday too!

Malise xx




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